takeCHARGE Provides LED lights for Parks Canada’s New Signal Hill Star

Parks Canada today unveiled a new star for Cabot Tower at the annual holiday celebration at Signal Hill National Historic Site.

In 2014, Parks Canada, in partnership with Steele Communications and Porter Airlines, launched a contest to design a new star for Cabot Tower for the 2015 holiday season. The winning submission was designed by local engineering student Kevin LaFleur and is based on a compass star design, representative of the nautical and communications significance of the national historic site.

The “Signal Hill Star” is a long standing holiday tradition for Parks Canada that connects the community to Signal Hill National Historic Site. A star on the Cabot Tower has marked the holiday season since 1988, although an earlier version made its debut in the early 1970s.

Quick Facts

  • A star was first lit on Cabot Tower in 1971, however due to harsh weather conditions it was removed within three days. In 1988, a sturdier star was constructed and has been lit on the tower every holiday season since.
  • The new Signal Hill Star is comprised of light-weight aluminum material and energy efficient LED lights provided by takeCHARGE.
  • Signal Hill National Historic Site is commemorated, in part, because of its significant role in communications history, from flying flags to signal the approach of vessels in the 1700s to Marconi’s successful reception of the first trans-Atlantic wireless signal on December 12, 1901.


“On behalf of Parks Canada, I was proud to officially light the new Signal Hill Star and to continue this holiday tradition that symbolizes the connection between the community and Signal Hill National Historic Site. I would like to thank the many community partners that worked with Parks Canada in hosting today’s event and extend a special congratulations to Kevin LaFleur for conceiving such an inspirational design for the new star.”

Bill Brake, Superintendent – Newfoundland East Field Unit, Parks Canada

“This star is a symbol, a symbol for hope, a symbol for family, a symbol for laughter and joy. For me personally this star represents the start of my dream to help make the world a better place through engineering and design. I have been working hard these past few years to graduate with my engineering diploma and am excited to see my first design come to life.”

 Kevin Lafleur, Star Designer

“takeCHARGE is proud to sponsor the new star’s LED lighting and reminds you to consider LED when shopping for lights at the holidays and year round. LED’s use at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Not only do LED holiday lights use less electricity, they are safer and can be used for many years to come.”

Peter Upshall, Energy Management Engineer, takeCHARGE, Newfoundland Power