Buying a House

Add energy efficiency to your criteria list when looking for a new home. When house hunters were asked about “must haves” in a new home, three of the top ten were energy efficiency related. How much energy your home uses will not only impact your monthly electricity bill, but can impact your comfort. When considering purchasing a home, don’t forget to ask the owners for last year’s electricity use and consider these additional tips.


If your dream home isn’t as energy efficient as you would like it to be, takeCHARGE has rebates that can help. Your home may be eligible for the following rebates:


Financing for Energy Efficiency – A 10% CMHC mortgage loan insurance premium refund, and a premium refund for a longer amortization period may be available when you use CMHC insured financing to purchase an energy-efficient home or make energy-saving renovations.

Newfoundland Power customers can apply to finance the cost of upgrades to their electric heating system, including heat pumps, as well as all energy saving products in our rebate programs. To learn more, please visit Newfoundland Power’s Electrical Services Financing page.

Energy Use Factors

  • The size, age, and air sealing properties of the home will impact its energy use. A larger and older home will typically use more energy. However, how well insulated and sealed the home is will be a factor, as well as the type of heating system.
  • Heat up for less with a heat pump. A home with a heat pump can save you a significant amount on your heating costs. Heat pumps are a very efficient way to heat your home and can also provide air conditioning in the summer months.
  • Does your dream home have a hot tub? Keep in mind it may cost you as much as $100 each month to heat. Be sure to invest in an energy efficient cover. 50% of heat loss comes from the top of the tub. Look for thicker covers that have a higher R-Value to reduce heat loss through the top. As well, make sure to keep on top of cover maintenance. Heat loss happens much more rapidly once a cover becomes water logged or experiences UV damage.

Home Energy Evaluation

A home energy evaluation is a useful tool to help understand how much energy your home uses and find ways to reduce your bill. It involves a qualified energy evaluator coming to your home to perform an in-depth assessment of your home’s energy performance. The evaluator will make recommendations for how to make your home more energy efficient. There are several companies in Newfoundland and Labrador that perform this service:

AmeriSpec Inspection Services (New and existing home evaluations)

Energuy Canada Ltd. (Existing home evaluations)

ThermalWise (New home evaluations)