In Newfoundland and Labrador refrigeration accounts for about 8% of business electricity use. Here are some ways you can save on the amount of energy you use for refrigeration.

Refrigeration Lighting

Replace existing lamps with LED – Making the switch can save you up to 40% on lighting costs.

Switch lights off after business hours.

Motors & Controls

Replace evaporator fan motors with ECM motors with a free upgrade from takeCHARGE. ECMs are typically installed on evaporator fans in grocery store coolers, freezers and cold storage areas. ECMs can reduce energy use by over 50%.

Install variable speed compressors. A compressor driven by a variable speed drive, better matches the refrigeration load and only works as hard as it needs to, thereby reducing energy requirements.

Upgrade refrigeration to floating head pressure controls to reduce energy needs. The control system takes advantage of lower outside temperatures to reduce the refrigeration energy.

Case Doors

Replace open coolers and freezers with doored units. Closed units will reduce energy use by 60% or more. The addition of doors means less cold air escapes into the store, resulting in less electricity use for refrigeration and space heating. Like most energy efficiency upgrades, the benefits go beyond energy savings. The doors also help reduce food spoilage and create a more comfortable shopping environment for customers.

Heat Recovery

Use heat recovery from the refrigeration system for space and water heating. Refrigeration systems generate large quantities of heat that can be harnessed to provide water and space heating.

You may be eligible for a rebate when you update your refrigeration. Contact us to see how you can save on your electricity costs.

Newfoundland Power – 1-800-663-2802
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro – 1-888-737-1296