Fish Processing

Typical Fisheries and Fish Processing Electricity use in Newfoundland and Labrador


    Process cooling and comfort HVAC are the biggest users of electricity in Newfoundland and Labrador fish processing plants, followed closely by process heating and lighting. Read on to see how you can reduce your electricity costs in these areas and don’t forget you can get back up to $50,000 when you make eligible energy efficient upgrades to your business:

    Process Cooling

    • Ensure all gaskets for all doors on coolers and freezers are maintained to reduce air infiltration or install air curtains.
    • Replace fluorescent lights with LEDs and use only as many lights as are necessary.
    • Install variable speed compressors and replace the evaporator motors with ECM motors.
    • Upgrade to floating head pressure controls.
    • Use a heat recovery water heater to take advantage of “free heat” produced by the refrigeration equipment.

    Comfort HVAC

    • For larger buildings, the use of a Building Automation System (BAS) will efficiently manage energy usage for the building. These systems can save up to 30% in energy costs.
    • Where applicable, install adjustable speed drives on fans and pumps. Adjustable speed drives can decrease energy use by over 35%.
    • Replace failed motors with premium efficiency motors which can be up to 8% more efficient when compared to standard motors.
    • Address any building envelope issues:
      • Roof Insulation.
      • Wall Insulation.
      • Gaps around doors, windows and entry point into the facility.

    Process Heating

    • Install high efficiency boiler systems.
    • Reduce losses through leaks and steam traps.
    • Optimize system temperatures based on process requirements.
    • Install heat recovery units such as a boiler stack economizer.
    • Install high efficiency pumps on feed water lines.


    • LED Wall Packs – Get $25 back for each LED wall pack you install and save up to 70% of electrical energy costs.
    • Occupancy sensors – Save up to 40% on lighting energy costs when you install occupancy sensors. Calculate your rebate.
    • When replacing fluorescent lighting, install high efficiency T8, T5 or LED. New energy efficient lighting such as LED can save you over 35% on your lighting energy costs.
    • Replace incandescent Exit signs with LED. Get a $20 takeCHARGE rebate at select locations and save $300 over the life of the sign from reduced energy use and materials and labour for bulb changes.
    • Minimize exterior lighting. At night only use what you need for safety and security purposes.
    • Use day-lighting whenever possible.
    • Encourage employees to turn off the lights at the end of the day.

    Interested in reducing your electricity costs? One phone call connects you to an energy expert and significant savings. Find out what energy solutions are right for your business today!

    Newfoundland Power – 1-800-663-2802
    Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro – 1-888-737-1296