ECM Motors

What is an electrically commutated motor?

These motors are typically installed on evaporator fans in grocery store coolers, freezers and cold storage areas. An electrically commutated motor (ECM) is an energy efficient option to alternating current (AC) shaded-pole and permanent-split capacitor motors.

  • SAVE ON ELECTRICITY COSTS – Save $30 to 40 per year for each ECM you install. Businesses can have up to 200 motors, so upgrading can save you thousands on electricity costs each year. ECMs also produce less heat, so you will use less electricity for refrigeration.
  • CUT MAINTENANCE COSTS – ECMs last longer, saving you money on replacement motors and installation costs.
  • IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – ECMs make less noise, which creates a better shopping experience.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – ECMs do not require rewiring, so your motors will be upgraded and you will be saving money before you know it.

Business Eligibility

To be eligible your business must have an active commercial electricity account and reside in an existing building.

Product Eligibility

The ECM must be installed on evaporator fans in refrigeration equipment systems and must be replacing AC shaded-pole or permanent-split capacitor motors. The ECM must be 1/2 hp or less in size. Your ECM must be installed by a participating installer and installed on or after April 5, 2017.

Interested in becoming a participating installer? Contact us

How to receive your free upgrade

Contact a participating installer when your existing AC motor needs to be replaced.

You pay for a regular AC motor replacement. takeCHARGE provides a free automatic upgrade to an energy efficient ECM for each motor you need replaced.

For optimal performance keep your new ECM motors from getting wet by ensuring drain pans are clean and free of debris so that any water can drain freely away from the ECMs.

Contact takeCHARGE or a participating installer for more details on how to participate and save energy with ECMs.

takeCHARGE reserves the right to change or terminate this rebate program at any time. If there is a difference between our printed materials and our website, please refer to the website for the most up-to-date program information.