What is it?

With more and more people driving (and charging) EVs, we need to understand the impacts on the electricity grid to ensure an efficient and reliable system for everyone.

Our EV Load Management Pilot Program is designed to help takeCHARGE understand the charging habits of local EV drivers to determine if there is a need to shift charging to off-peak periods.
Participating EV drivers can earn incentives—a one-time $80 enrollment reward, and the potential for more rewards throughout the pilot program.

If you are interested in the pilot program and would like to participate, email EVPilot@takechargenl.ca.

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How it Works

Participants will be randomly selected and assigned to one of three groups based on their EV and level 2 charger compatibility.

You will not be able to choose which group you are placed in. This allows for a scientific study design that meets the requirements of the pilot.

Group 1<br><strong>Peak Events</strong>

Group 1
Peak Events

If you are placed in this group, charging data will be collected and charging will be controlled during specified “peak events.”

A “peak event” is when large amounts of electricity are being used by customers at the same time. Peak events usually occur during the winter months when the temperature is cold and customers are at home using electricity like heating their homes, turning on appliances, and charging EVs.

If you are in this group, you will receive SMS (text) and email notifications in advance of peak events. During peak events, your vehicle’s charging will temporarily pause to reduce electricity consumption. At the end of the peak event your vehicle will continue charging as normal. Peak events are typically short in duration, leaving plenty of time in the overnight period to ensure your EV is charged up as usual.

How do you benefit? You enjoy a charged vehicle as usual and earn monthly $10 participation rewards. You can also feel good knowing you’re helping reduce demand on the electricity system.

Want to opt-out of a peak event? You can. But if you opt out of three or more peak events in a calendar month, you will not receive the monthly reward.

Group 2<br><strong>Off-Peak Charging</strong>

Group 2
Off-Peak Charging

If you are placed in this group, charging data will be collected and you will receive occasional
SMS (text) and email reminders encouraging you to charge your EV during off-peak hours.
Off-peak hours are times when many electricity customers are at work or asleep:

charging time table


How do you benefit? Charge your EV during off-peak hours and earn monthly $10 participation rewards. You can also feel great knowing you’re helping to relieve the pressure on our electricity grid.

Want to opt-out? You can—at any time! But if you charge three or more times during peak hours during a calendar month, you will not receive the monthly reward.

Group 3<br><strong>Monitor</strong>

Group 3

If you are placed in this group, your EV charging data will be collected and monitored.
You just do what you normally do!

How do you benefit? If you stay enrolled, ensure your EV is connected to its cellular network, and keep charging as normal, you’ll earn a $25 completion reward!

Benefits of Participation

  1. Earn Rewards: You could earn over $100 in rewards by participating! You’ll cash
    your rewards in for e-gift cards of your choice. These rewards are based on your participation in the pilot program.
  2. Track Your Charging and Program Participation: You’ll have access to tools to monitor your charging activities and your involvement in the program. This visibility helps you understand your impact and contribution.
  3. Help the Grid: Your participation plays a significant role in stabilizing and supporting the electricity grid. By managing your charging habits or adjusting usage during peak times, you contribute to a more efficient and reliable grid system. This, in turn, benefits the community by ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply.


To be eligible participants must:

  • Live on the Avalon peninsula and;
  • Drive a compatible Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and charge at home (See list of compatible BEVs);
  • Or drive a BEV and charge at home with a compatible level 2 charger aka electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)(see list of compatible EVSEs);
  • Or drive a compatible PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and charge at home via level 2 charger (see list of compatible PHEVs);
  • Or drive a PHEV and charge at home via a compatible level 2 charger (see list of compatible EVSEs).

What’s Next

Selected Drivers who filled out the “expression of interest” application will be sent a link via email to enroll through our delivery partner, AutoGrid. Once enrolled and your first month of charging is complete, you’ll get a one-time $80 enrollment reward!

How to Apply

Drivers who expressed interest in the pilot and were notified by email can now enroll. If you have not yet expressed interesting in the pilot, but are interested in enrolling, please email us at EVPilot@takechargenl.ca.