Seaforce Technologies Reaches New Heights with Energy Efficiency

Seaforce Technologies partnered with takeCHARGE and is saving over $3,600 every month on electricity costs.

Seaforce Technologies is a building and development company that designs, builds and manages specialty buildings for offshore companies to service and store Subsea equipment. There is a total of seven bridge cranes in Seaforce Technologies buildings with total combined lift capacity of 220 metric tonne at maximum height of 68ft. There is a sub floor test pool 23ft wide, 27 ft long and 27 ft deep. With a total square footage of 62,000 square feet, these buildings were built in 2008 and 2012.

Seaforce installed six heat pumps throughout their high bay areas. The system included: an air to water heat pump replacing electric hot water furnaces, and an air to air heat pump system, replacing forced air electric heat. They also installed LED lighting throughout, providing improved lighting, reduced maintenance costs and lower monthly utility costs.

For their energy efficiency efforts, Seaforce Technologies were awarded the 2019 Big Award at the 2nd Annual takeCHARGE Luminary Awards. The BIG Award recognizes a participant of the takeCHARGE Business Efficiency Program that, through energy efficient upgrades, has seen the most significant increase in their energy savings.

“With the takeCHARGE program, we not only got a rebate of almost $40,000, but we’re also saving almost $40,000 a year in electricity costs, exceeding our original estimates” says Jim Hynes, President & CEO of Seaforce Technologies. The takeCHARGE team worked closely with us and helped find the best ways to save energy and money,” adds Hynes.

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