Purity Factories Has a Recipe for Sweet Energy Savings

Since Purity Factories Limited was established in 1924, the company has been an icon of the Canadian confectionary industry, with products like peppermint nobs and ginger snaps. Now, as its 100th year in business draws near, Purity has sweetened its bottom line.

In collaboration with takeCHARGE, Purity Factories completed a transformative energy efficiency initiative and got a substantial rebate.

Energy-efficient LED lighting was installed throughout Purity’s main facility, which has been in operation since the 1950s. The takeCHARGE team guided Purity Factories toward the most effective energy-saving plan, giving the building a fresh look and resulting in a rebate of $4,840!

“We are not only thrilled with the financial incentives offered by the takeCHARGE program but also with the positive impact our lighting upgrade has had on our energy consumption,” says Rodney Paul from Purity Factories. “We’re saving over $500 a month and have not only improved our operational costs but also align with our ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices.”

Thanks to Purity Factories for contributing to a greener future while delivering delicious products that will stand the test of time.

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