Oil to Electric – Application

Oil to Electric - Application
Ready to make the transition from oil to electricity-based heat? Applications for the Oil to Electric Incentive Program are now open!

If you’re a qualified homeowner, get started now with our pre-approval application. Not sure if you qualify? Check out the application checklist.

You must submit this form and receive a pre-approval from takeCHARGE to be considered for an incentive.

Step 1: House and Project Details

* Red Asterisk indicates a required field.

What is your current primary heating type?
Electric or wood primary heating types are not eligible for the rebate. The rebate only applies to primarily oil heated customers.


What is your current secondary heating type? (please select one)
Do you own your home?
This incentive only applies to homeowners.


Is your home your primary residence or a rental property?
Eligible rental property owners can receive incentives through the general stream to help transition a maximum of two (2) rental properties from oil to electricity-based heat.
What is your house type?
Installer Information**:
What technology or technologies are you installing? Please select all that apply:
Electric resistance baseboard and convection heaters are only eligible as back-up for a whole-home heat pump system.

* Although mini-split heat pumps are an eligible technology, the whole home heating requirement effectively means that less than 1% of houses can achieve whole home heating with a single mini-split.

** The credentials of participating installers have been verified prior to listing. However, this information is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (the “Utilities”) do not endorse any one specific individual or company and we make no guarantee or warranty regarding the completeness of this list. The Utilities make no representation or warranty, and assume no liability with respect to the quality, safety, or performance of work performed by installers or the equipment or appliances installed, and expressly disclaim any such representation, warranty or liability. The Utilities reserve the right to modify this list with no obligation to provide notice of such changes.