Diving into Energy Savings

The Works partnered with takeCHARGE on a lighting upgrade for the Aquarena that will save them $2,500 every month in electricity costs.

The Aquarena was built in 1977 when Newfoundland and Labrador first hosted the Canada Summer Games. The facilities include a 65-metre swimming pool, two giant water slides, a range of diving boards and platforms reaching as high as 10 metres, and various giant water inflatables. The facility has been enjoyed by all ages over the past four decades, and the Aquarena is currently home to the Edge Diving Club, the Legends Swimming Club and the St. John’s Sea Stars Synchronized Swimming Club.

Recently, The Works’ management realized it was time to shine new light on the facility’s pool area and contacted takeCHARGE to partner on a lighting upgrade. They replaced over 90 metal halide and fluorescent light fixtures with energy efficient LEDs. The new lights use about 1/3 of the energy which means close to $2,500 in savings on their electricity costs each month. Unlike metal halide lights, LEDs are dimmable, and using the dimming feature is helping The Works meet their energy saving goals. These savings, with a takeCHARGE rebate of over $30,000, means this project will pay for itself quickly.

As Ken Coffey, Manager of Maintenance reports, “we are thrilled with the new LED lighting and the energy savings. The takeCHARGE rebate was critical in our ability to take on such a large upgrade.”

The benefits of taking the plunge into LED don’t stop there. The LED high bay lights will last for up to 12 years, saving on maintenance and replacement costs. LEDs also come on instantly which has safety benefits. The Aquarena’s old high bay lights could take up to 15 minutes to fully light up when turned on, so the lights were left on around the clock. The LEDs can be turned off when the facility is closed and in the case of a power dip will come back on right away.

“All of these savings will help us put funding into delivering our mission – to promote wellness by providing accessible, diverse, and innovative programs and services,” says Robyn White, Information Services Coordinator.

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