Colemans Pioneers at Making Energy Efficiency a Priority!

With the help of takeCHARGE, Colemans is leading the way in energy efficiency and saving money too!

Established in 1934 by Arthur James and Maggie Coleman, the first Colemans store was opened in Corner Brook on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador offering clothing, food and hardware. Today, the Coleman Group includes 12 food, four furniture, and two clothing retail operations throughout Newfoundland along with a wholesale food division. With an intense passion for the business, their quest to maintain and raise standards in the food industry has also flowed over to energy efficiency.

Colemans has been an active participant of the takeCHARGE Business Efficiency Program since 2014 when they completed their first project. Over the past five years, the group has tackled projects at various locations throughout the province including a LED lighting upgrade at their Caribou Road store. This lighting project consisted of the replacement of all case lighting in the frozen food, dairy, meat, produce and deli departments of the store, for a combined savings of over $3,800 annually in electricity costs alone.

“At Colemans, we are always trying to be ahead of the pack in everything we do. As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on being the best in customer service and quality among other things. Naturally it only made sense for us to strive to be leaders in energy efficiency too,” says Eleanor Coleman. “The takeCHARGE program has allowed us to complete over a dozen energy efficiency projects, improving our stores and saving us money too.”

For their continued leadership in energy efficiency, Colemans was also awarded the inaugural Luminary Award for Leadership – Organization in 2018. Success with the takeCHARGE program has also inspired the management team to push forward with energy across the company, ensuring that all employees are engaged in the facility’s energy management practices. With over 15 projects completed to date and more on the horizon for 2020, Colemans continues to be a pioneer of the takeCHARGE program.

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