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Heat pumps are an energy efficient way of heating and cooling your home. They provide a comfortable heat in colder months and can be used as air conditioning in the warmer summer months. In fact, heat pumps designed for Newfoundland and Labrador’s climate can deliver over 200% more heat than an equivalent baseboard heating system…. Read more

If you need to replace your windows look for the ENERGY STAR® certification. ENERGY STAR windows, doors and skylights can decrease your energy costs by about 6% saving you about $75 a year. Energy efficient windows will also make your home more comfortable, reduce condensation and protect your floors, drapes and furniture from fading.

Weatherize drafty windows by purchasing and installing a window insulation kit.

Use outlet and switch insulators under electric switches and outlets to stop drafts in their tracks. Pick up a package for about $5. Learn how to install an outlet and switch insulator. Get back up to $5 on different types of weatherstripping and air sealing products during INSTANT REBATE campaigns.

Inspect your door sweeps once a year and replace as required.