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6 Ways to Save Energy At Home When You’re Away From Home! When you go on vacation or away for the winter, you might think the electricity being used in your home drops to next to nothing. But that’s not quite right. Your empty home continues to use energy in several ways. So, before you… Read more

1. Let the sunshine in! Natural light can save you money – Drawback the curtains and pull up the blinds to let natural light in and let the warmth from the sun help heat your home. Be sure to close them at night to keep the heat in. 2. Cook with small appliances – Use… Read more

Keep Outdoor Unit Clear of Snow After any significant snowfall you should check the outdoor unit to make sure it is clear of snow. Gently clear away any snow that has accumulated on your heat pump to ensure it is functioning as efficiently as possible. If your heat pump does becomes blocked with snow it… Read more

Unless you’re a real estate expert, there are plenty of issues that can sneak up on new homebuyers. This can range from unexpected and out-of-sight defects within the home, to maintenance costs that could surprise you a few months after the purchase. Being aware of common pitfalls that exist when buying a home can better… Read more

Moving in to a new apartment can be a daunting experience. The half-hour walkthrough you did with the landlord the week before may not have told the entire story, and as you spend more time there, you may begin to uncover some surprises – like that basement you didn’t know you had making unsettling noises… Read more