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What are demand charges? If you are a commercial customer, you may notice that your bill contains both usage (kilowatt hours, “kWh”) and demand charges (kilowatts, “kW”, or kilo-volt-ampere, “kVA” for very large services). Why do utilities track and charge for both of these items? Usage charges reflect the amount of total energy used at… Read more

As Business Week kicks off, takeCHARGE wants to help employers promote energy efficiency and highlight some easy ways to save on electricity costs in the workplace. We’ve put together a list of five low costs ways to help you save: Embrace natural light: Keeping blinds open on sunny days can reduce the need for artificial… Read more

Business Energy Efficiency In Action Being able to say your business is energy efficient sounds good, but business owners know that any investment without a strong return and a reasonable payback period is not overly enticing. Fortunately, energy efficiency in this province has proven time and time again to be a financially prudent concept with… Read more

Measuring the Return on Energy Efficiency Investments In a period of slower economic growth, businesses are continually looking for sound investments. In these times, the old adage, a penny saved is a penny earned has even more meaning. With that in mind, here’s a look at the return on investment of energy efficient equipment. First,… Read more