Energy Efficiency Checklist for Businesses

Take a look around your business using this helpful checklist to see all the ways you can save!

Around your business
  • I’ve conducted a walkabout of my business to identify energy savings opportunities including unplugging unnecessary equipment and managing thermostat set points.
  • I have implemented a start-up and shut down plan for equipment to cut idle time.
  • I’ve unplugged unused and unnecessary equipment that can draw energy in my business.
  • I’ve ensured that computers and other electronic equipment are using power management features and are plugged in using smart power strips.
  • I regularly clean and change air filters and refrigeration cooling coils to maintain the equipment’s efficiency.
  • I have spoken with employees about the importance of energy efficiency and to ensure that the whole team participates in energy efficiency activities in our workplace.
  • I have checked if my refrigeration equipment is eligible to get ECM motors installed to improve their efficiency.
  • I have installed water saving equipment such as high efficiency shower heads, faucet aerators and pre-rinse spray valves to reduce hot water consumption.
  • I make sure that everyone turns off lights when leaving rooms or when areas are unoccupied such as on nights and weekends.
  • I have switched the lights in our business (including exit signs) to more energy efficient LEDs.
  • We have installed occupancy sensors in areas that are frequently unoccupied such as restrooms, supply rooms and warehouses.
  • I regularly check unoccupied areas to ensure that thermostat temperatures are set back.
  • I have replaced all dial thermostats with more efficient electronic or programmable thermostats.
  • I have checked that all programmable thermostats are programmed correctly to ensure proper set back and heating times throughout the day.

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