From Bacalao to LED High Bay Lighting

From Bacalao to LED High Bay Lighting

Allen’s Fisheries Limited teamed up with takeCHARGE to make energy efficiency upgrades that will save them over $17,000 each year on their electricity costs.

A century ago fish processing was extremely energy efficient. Flakes used to dry salted cod did not use electricity! Allen’s Fisheries Limited, founded in the year 1900 in Benoit’s Cove, initially focused on salted and dry fish processing. Four generations later, the company has grown into a harvesting, processing and international marketing operation. Through all of the changes, energy efficiency has remained an important priority. Allen’s Fisheries teamed up with takeCHARGE, a joint initiative between Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, to upgrade to the latest in lighting and improve the efficiency of their refrigeration equipment.

Lighting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades a business can make. Allen’s made sure to look at lighting when considering how to make the company more energy efficient. The company was able to replace 24 metal halide fixtures with LED in high bay areas (areas with a ceiling height of 12ft or more). The LED high bay fixtures now being used in the cold storage and loading areas use about half as much energy compared to the old metal halides. The new lights will produce less heat so the refrigeration system in the cold storage room won’t have to work as hard to keep the room cold. With the money they will save on electricity costs and the takeCHARGE rebate, this project will pay for itself in less than two years!

Like most energy efficiency upgrades, the benefits go beyond electricity savings. LED is the most energy efficient type of lighting available and lasts much longer. They also maintain their light levels better over time compared to other options. In addition, LEDs work well at lower temperatures and outperform other types of lighting in areas like cold storage. They are a great choice for fish plants or businesses with cooler areas. In fact, Allen’s new fixtures should last for about 100,000 hours, saving them money on the cost of replacement fixtures.

As Sean Allen, Projects Manager at Allen’s Fisheries Limited, reports, “The people at Allen’s, from the people out fishing to the employees, are committed to environmental sustainability. Our latest upgrades have allowed us to continue to make the company more energy efficient. These projects make great business sense too, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Fish processing facilities use a lot of electricity for refrigeration. On average, process cooling makes up over 50% of a fish plant’s electricity use. Allen’s installed motor valve controls that are delivering significant savings – over $14,000 in electricity costs a year. The new motor valve controls have enabled workers to turn compressors in the refrigeration unit on and off as needed. Previously, these compressors could take hours to start back up if they were shut off. Without these controls the compressors were often left running when they weren’t needed. This investment is delivering control, convenience and most importantly, savings. With the takeCHARGE rebate, the project will pay for itself in just four months.

“takeCHARGE was able to provide over $17,000 in rebates to help make these projects a reality,” says Sean Allen. “The takeCHARGE team was great to work with and we will call them when we start to plan our next project.”

• Allen’s recent upgrades will save enough electricity to power eight electrically
heated homes for an entire year!
• From Benoit’s Cove to Boston: Allen’s
Fisheries Limited ships live-fresh and quick frozen products to markets in the United
States, Asia, Europe and the rest of Canada.
• It’s never been easier to save. New lighting rebates for businesses, including up to $90 for each LED high bay fixture you install, make it easier than ever to save energy and money.

Interested in reducing your electricity costs? takeCHARGE has rebates and advice to help every size and type of business save energy. You can get up to $50,000 back with the Business Efficiency Program when you invest in energy efficient upgrades. Call an energy expert to get your complimentary assessment and great saving advice. Call 1-800-663-2802 or visit

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