3Energy Use Factors

  • The size, age, and air sealing properties of the home will impact its energy use. A larger and older home will typically use more energy. However, how well insulated and sealed the home is will be a factor, as well as the type of heating system.
  • Heat up for less with a heat pump. A home with a heat pump can save you a significant amount on your heating costs. Heat pumps are a very efficient way to heat your home and can also provide air conditioning in the summer months.
  • Does your dream home have a hot tub? Keep in mind it may cost you as much as $100 each month to heat. Be sure to invest in an energy efficient cover. 50% of heat loss comes from the top of the tub. Look for thicker covers that have a higher R-Value to reduce heat loss through the top. As well, make sure to keep on top of cover maintenance. Heat loss happens much more rapidly once a cover becomes water logged or experiences UV damage.