Month: December 2020

(St. John’s, NL): takeCHARGE has donated over 21,000 energy efficient LED light bulbs to a number of local, non-profit organizations and other groups that provide support within communities across Newfoundland and Labrador through Make the Switch. These groups will distribute the energy efficient bulbs to individuals and families in their network or use the donation… Read more

Saving Energy at Home During the Holidays!

What are demand charges? If you are a commercial customer, you may notice that your bill contains both usage (kilowatt hours, “kWh”) and demand charges (kilowatts, “kW”, or kilo-volt-ampere, “kVA” for very large services). Why do utilities track and charge for both of these items? Usage charges reflect the amount of total energy used at… Read more

Make your rental property more energy efficient with these tips and takeCHARGE rebates.