Custom Solutions


  • takeCHARGE can help identify and pay for energy efficiency improvements for your facilities through the Business Efficiency Program.
  • Get money back when you invest in energy efficient upgrades in heating and cooling, refrigeration, lighting and controls, and more.
  • You can also get money back when you reduce demand.
  • Energy efficient upgrades will lower your electricity costs, contributing to your bottom line every month! These improvements can also help reduce other costs in areas like maintenance.
  • Facility upgrades can have a range of other benefits including improved employee and customer comfort.

Contact takeCHARGE before you start your project. To be eligible you must have a signed agreement in place before you start any upgrades to your facility. Your business also must have an active electricity account and reside in an existing commercial building.

How to Get a Rebate

Step 1

Energy Assessment

An energy assessment of your commercial facility will be conducted by a takeCHARGE energy expert. This high-level assessment is fully funded by takeCHARGE. After the visit you will be provided with a prioritized list of recommended projects designed to reduce your energy use. Some of the recommendations may warrant further evaluation.

Depending on the complexity of the project an energy audit or feasibility study may be required. takeCHARGE funding may also be available to help with these costs. More details can be found below.

Step 2

Project Proposal

Your takeCHARGE contact will provide a project proposal form for you to complete to capture the details of your project. Once completed the form must be returned to takeCHARGE.

Step 3

Project Development Agreement

If the proposal is approved, takeCHARGE will provide a project development agreement. This agreement outlines project deliverables, expected energy savings, incentives and the obligations of both parties.

The agreement must be signed and returned to your takeCHARGE contact. You can now start your energy efficiency upgrade as outlined in the project development agreement.

Step 4

Project Close-Out, Measurement and Verification (M&V)

After the project has been successfully implemented, project close out, measurement and verification is required. This involves quantifying energy savings and determining the final value of incentives to be paid. If energy savings are less than 85% of the estimate provided in the project proposal, there will be reductions to the incentive as detailed in the project development agreement. Once savings are measured and verified, final incentives will be paid and the project considered complete. However, the project must stay in service and deliver energy savings for a minimum of five years.

  • Energy Audit

    Depending on the nature of the recommendations, a formal facility energy audit may be required. If so, it must be conducted by a professional energy auditor that is qualified to identify typical energy saving projects. At the end of the audit, the customer and takeCHARGE will be provided with a detailed list of projects with initial economic analysis that identify potential energy and demand savings for the customer. takeCHARGE may fund 50% of the cost of the audit, to a maximum of $3,000.* A funding application must be pre-approved by takeCHARGE to get funding support.

    *These totals are subject to change based on size of customer and potential savings.

  • Feasibility Study

    With complex or large scale projects, a feasibility study may be required. A funding application must be pre-approved by takeCHARGE to get funding support. The feasibility study application must include a general description of the project, including estimated implementation costs and potential energy and demand savings, an estimate of the feasibility study costs, the qualifications of the selected consultant and other information as requested by takeCHARGE to evaluate the application.

    Approved applications may receive 75% of the eligible costs of the feasibility study up to a maximum of $5,000.* Customers are encouraged to seek other sources of funding.

    However, they must maintain a minimum 25% stake in the study. When the feasibility study is complete, the final report would be issued to both the customer and takeCHARGE.

    If a study has been completed prior to applying to the Business Efficiency Program, it will be at the discretion of takeCHARGE whether it is sufficient to enable the customer to avail of the custom program. While existing studies may be deemed acceptable, there will be no reimbursement to the customer for costs incurred for earlier work.

    *These totals are subject to change based on size of customer and potential savings.

Fill out this form or call our energy experts to set up your complimentary energy assessment.**

Custom Solutions

Newfoundland Power: 1-800-663-2802
Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro: 1-888-737-1296

* takeCHARGE will pay $0.10/kWh of your first year energy savings up to a maximum of $50,000.
** Must meet eligibility requirements.