Pre-Rinse Spray Valves

What are pre-rinse spray valves?

Pre-rinse spray valves are used by restaurants and food service establishments to remove food from plates and other dishes prior to loading them in the dishwasher. High performance pre-rinse spray valves are more energy efficient and use less water than standard spray valves.

Get back up to $120 per spray valve with a takeCHARGE rebate – Upgrade to a high performance pre-rinse spray valve and get back up to $120. The rebate will often cover 100% of the cost for a new spray valve!

  • SAVE ON ELECTRICITY COSTS – Save up to $200 per year in water heating costs for each high performance pre-rinse spray valve you install.
  • REDUCE WATER COSTS – Flow rates are 30% lower than standard spray valves, saving almost $100 per year in water costs without sacrificing cleaning power.
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE – Remove food particles more quickly and effectively with an improved spray pattern.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Simply unscrew your standard spray valve and replace it with a high performance pre-rinse spray valve. You’ll be saving energy and money before you know it.


To be eligible your business must have an active commercial electricity account, reside in an existing building and use an electric hot water heater.


  • To qualify, the pre-rinse spray valve must be a CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) tier 1 qualifying product. This means it has a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute or less and a spray force of equal to or greater than 4 ounces-force.  Find a qualifying model.
  • It must be replacing an existing standard spray valve.
  • Your pre-rinse spray valve must be purchased on or after June 1, 2017.
  • Limit of one pre-rinse spray valve rebate per business*.

*If you are replacing more than one pre-rinse spray valve, please contact us regarding additional rebate eligibility.


  • You can purchase an eligible high performance pre-rinse spray valve at a local retailer or online. Just make sure that it meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Keep your receipt. You will need to submit a copy with your application.


Once your high performance pre-rinse spray valve is installed, you can apply online or by mail. Your rebate will be applied as a credit on your electricity bill.

Apply NowPrint Application

  • Upload or mail a copy of your receipt with your application.
  • Allow up to eight weeks for processing.
  • Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro may visit your facility and inspect the high performance pre-rinse spray valve installation at any time within 15 months from when the rebate was processed.
  • How to Maximize your Energy Savings

    • Ensure that there aren’t any leaks around your pre-rinse spray valve connection.
    • For maximum performance, periodically clean your pre-rinse spray valve to remove the buildup of mineral deposits

takeCHARGE reserves the right to change or terminate this rebate program at any time. If there is a difference between our printed materials and our website, please refer to the website for the most up-to-date program information.