In Newfoundland and Labrador, an initiative called takeCHARGE is recruiting dealers to spread the word about electric vehicles.

Stephanie Daley is the manager of energy conservation at Newfoundland Power in St. John’s, which partners with Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro on the takeCHARGE joint venture.

“Last year we launched a comprehensive website for people considering electric vehicles, everything from models and fuel savings, to the steps and processes for buying them. We reached out to dealers who carry them, to identify themselves on our website.” Almost half of the province’s 60 new-vehicle dealers are listed on the site.

Daley, 38, was fascinated with marketing from a young age.

“I’ve been an advertising geek all my life. It’s a lifelong trend.” She earned a business degree from Memorial University in St. John’s, but her first job was in Ontario in brand management at Molson Coors Canada.

She then returned to Newfoundland to work in tourism with a local ad agency.

“I wanted a new challenge and there was a posting for Newfoundland Power, and I joined eight years ago. I started as a marketing specialist, became supervisor of marketing, and then just over two years ago became manager of the department.”

Daley works with a team of 15 specialists who oversee all aspects of energy conservation and draft five-year plans for the utility to approve.

The increasing focus on EVs means Daley works on such projects as meeting with stakeholders on fast-charging, and with homebuilder associations on incorporating panels for home vehicle chargers.

“We’re looking at utilities investing in charging infrastructure, and providing financing to help private businesses to bring it in,” she said, adding that one of the initiatives, if approved, will add provincial top-ups to existing federal rebates for zero-emission vehicles.

“Electric vehicles have a good business case for the customer, and we hope to help with them.” — ANC

An excerpt from ‘The Unobvious Ones – Movers And Shakers In The Automotive Industry Who Fly Below The Radar’